About Us

Involgo is a software development house with it’s roots in South Africa. We strive to earn our clients trust through reliable services, open communication and ethical business conduct. The NodeCore software suite is the core of our business at Involgo. We aspire to build business efficiency through creative and intelligent solutions. We hold the concept of “work smart not hard” in high regard because human beings should work to live, not live to work. Efficiency reduces friction and promotes peace and prosperity.

Andrew Craucamp
Systems Architect

Marlize Nel
Operations Manager

Nadine van Wyk
Lead Developer


NodeCore is a business management and collaboration platform built in the cloud. It’s a secure and simplified corporate portal solution built for a market that traditionally doesn’t have the resources to develop and run their own. We significantly reduce IT costs and introduce flexibility through thin client architecture. Your employees stay connected wherever they may be.

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P.O. Box 1854
Link Hills
South Africa